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Weathermania watchface

Weathermania is a perfect watchface for those who would like to follow the current weather conditions, and would like to know what will the weather be like in the upcoming hours. The watchface retrieves data from one of the best services - Dark Sky - so can be certain that you will always receive the most accurate information.

The current weather conditions can be used for free and without limitations, but for forecast (and more frequent updating) PRO version is required. We can only provide the PRO version in exchange for a little donation. By donating you not only back up the development, but also it covers the Dark Sky service fee.

Actual version: 2.3.2 (aug. 2019)

Normal (free) version:
- current weather conditions based on location
- current wind data: average windspeed and maximal windgust
- actual condition description for the whole day or night
- precipitation probability and type
- actual day max. and min. temperature
- actual battery status and date
- update frequency: 2 hours

PRO version:
- you help us to continue our work and dedication to create useful applications. Thank you!
- forecast for the next +1, +2, +3 hours
- warning for maximal windgust in the next +1, +2, +3 hours (based on Beaufort-scale)
- probability of precipitation for the next +1, +2, +3 hours
- probability of precipitation based on current location OR NEAREST STORM DISTANCE AND BEARING (if storm is closer than 150 km or 90 miles)
- update frequency: 15 minutes!

After pressing the below button you can choose from the below donations:

!!! FOR ONLY A LIMITED TIME !!! . OLD PRICE: $9.99, NEW PRICE: $4.00 FOR 365 DAYS !!!
  • - 3.99 USD - Thank you for supporting our developments, and we will provide you the most accurate weather data for the next 100 days with the PRO version.

  • - 6.99 USD - Thank you for supporting our developments, and we will provide you the most accurate weather data for the next 200 days with the PRO version.

  • - >9.99 USD - Thank you for supporting our developments, and we will provide you the most accurate weather data for the next 365 days with the PRO version.

Method of activation:
1. Choose from the above donation types then follow the instructions displayed on the screen. It is also important to select the subject of the donation from the drop-down menu (e.g. weathermania watchface).

2. Thenceforward a 10 digit activation code will be sent to your email address, linked with your paypal account. You can add this code into the watchface settings via your phone and the Garmin Connect app. This procedure is done manually, so it can take up to 48 hours for you to receive the code from us to your inbox. If you don't receive the email within the previosuly mentioned time frame please check your spam folder and if you still can not find it contact us.

3. Launch an activity outdoor on your watch and check if it connects to your phone. Soon after stopping the activity the weather data will arrive. Attention, this process can take 30-60 minutes at first!

4. If you don't have an opportunity to launch an activity, then you can set the coordinates of the default city in the options. The website or the Google Maps can help you with this.

Weathermania watchface


Privacy policy

The Weathermania watchface is not collecting personal informations directly, but forwarding the location informations to the weather data provider (Dark Sky) and geolocation services (Here). You can read the Dark Sky's privacy policy here, and you can read the Here's privacy policy here.

Why do I have to pay for this service?

Donation is voluntary. You not only back up our developments with the donation, but it also covers the fee of Dark Sky service, with the help of which we provide the weather data. Dark Sky is one of the best services in the world, which has a fee. Furthermore we wouldn't like you to personally register to service providers and request API keys for weather data. We would like you to get the most accurate data in the most comfortable way.

What happens if the donation expires?

If you like the service and would like to use the PRO version again, you can reactivate it on this site. If you wouldn't like to reactivate it, you can continue using the normal version.

What happens if I reset my watch or buy a new device?

AYou can use the PRO version by entering the activation code again, sent in email earlier. If the new device is compatible with the watchface.

Can the code be used for more than one device?

Yes, but we don't recommend it. Based on the donation type the code you receive contains a given number of weather data query. If you use it on more than one device this time frame can significantly decrease. Also different geographical locations may result in inaccurate weather data. We believe it doesn't worth it.

I got the activaion code, but I still don't see the weather data

Check the following: Do you have internet connection on your phone? Is the watch connected to your phone with bluetooth? Has at least 60 minutes (is some cases it can be 2-3 hours) passed starting from entering the activation code? Did you launch an activity outdoor, where GPS signal is proper?

What do you take responsibility for?

The weather data comes from Dark Sky service, for the content - and use - of which we can not take the responsibility. Furthermore, we can not take the responsibility for the condition of your Garmin device, phone and internet connection. However, we do our best to fix the software errors of the watchface as soon as possbile. We thank you if you send a bug report to us (click on the contact with developer link in Garmin Connect IQ store).